I will be looking for the next challenge!

Through reflection I have learned that although I think tangible products are really valuable, I really like web design & development. Web development really challenges me, it is like a puzzle I have to solve. When everything is in the right place, the website will create a really nice and intuïtive user experience. Through iterations you will be able to create a well designed usability and user experience. I would like to see if I can develop this competence further. I would like to search jobs as a beginner web designer/developer or a traineeship in this area.

However I am also still interested in creating products that support physical and mental vitality. Products which motivate rehabilitation. In designing for human care the including the user and experts is really important, so working at a company that is focused on human care products would offer great opportunities for me. Embedded fitness, Silverfit and Qwiek are examples of companies I would like to work.

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